Mobile phone safety – what is our Government waiting for?

As evidence mounts about the health risks of mobile phone radiation, some administrations are taking action. San Francisco’s government is obliging phone retailers to display posters and give customers safety leaflets telling them how to limit their radiation exposure.  In its leaflet, the five-point checklist for reducing personal exposure starts with an injunction to limit children’s use.

As well as the practical advice, the leaflet being given to all mobile phone customers also tells people about the World Health Organization’s classification of mobile phone radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’. They recognise that  the word ‘possible’ isn’t a reason to delay action:The French government is also taking action. Its National Institute for Prevention and Health Education has launched a campaign to alert the public to mobile risks.

So why isn’t the British government getting this information into the public domain? It has had an unpublicised leaflet recommending children limit their use of mobiles hidden in an obscure part of their website for the best part of a decade. If the risks are as substantial as many studies suggest, the Government’s failure to inform the public is leaving a health time bomb to tick.

We’ve been talking to the Department of Health about publicising its warning. We’ll keep you posted.

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