Staying safe

Traffic can be dangerous, even lethal. Yet we teach our children how to cross the road safely. The same applies to mobiles phones: everyday cautions substantially reduce children’s risks.

The Safe Mobile CodeDownload PDF version of The Safe Mobile Code

And a few more things…

  1. Parents: Keep phones away from babies – before and after birth – and don’t let your child play with your mobile unless it is turned off or in airplane mode.
  2. Avoid using mobiles in moving cars, buses and trains and when the signal is low. They power up hard to connect to the network.
  3. Apply the same cautions to cordless phones. They operate in much the same way as mobile phones. Never keep a cordless phone beside your bed and preferably use corded phones for all your main calls.

Download PDF version of The Safe Mobile Code

More advice

If you carry your phone

You can use your phone like a messaging service

When you use a headset