Did you know?

San Francisco "right to know" campaign.

The UK Department of Health recommends that children under 16 should only use mobile phones for short essential calls

Mobile phone user manuals warn customers to keep the phone away from the body when turned on and not to hold it right up to the head.

Children have been found to absorb 60% more radiation into the head than adults, when they use a phone.

The World Health Organisation has classed the radiation emitted from mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic”.

The government of San Francisco passed a law requiring radiation levels to be shown on mobile phones, following a local “right to know” campaign. But when the mobile phone industry threatened legal action the city government decided not to enforce the rules.

French poster discouraging children from using mobile phones

Since 1994 there have been more than 150 scientific papers that have shown detrimental health effects from mobile phone radiation.

The Israeli parliament has recommended an education program to reduce pupils’ use of mobiles by teaching them about the potential dangers.

Children in France are advised on health grounds not to get a mobile until they are at least 14