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MobileWise is here to help young people use mobile phones more safely. We want every child in the UK to be educated about the potential dangers of mobile phones and how to cut the risks,  just as they are about road safety. We are calling on the government and phone industry to publicise their own health warnings and to give young people the clear information they need to protect themselves.

Mobile phones have become the 21st century must-have gadget, even for children. Yet mobiles were never designed for or tested on children and serious concerns about their safety are emerging. Their widespread use by and marketing to young consumers means that, despite mounting evidence, few parents and children are aware that their safety is in question.

There is now a large and growing body of evidence suggesting mobile phone use might be harmful for children. The World Health Organization has  defined mobile phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

The potential risks – evidenced in scientific literature around the world – include cancers, reduced fertility and genetic damage. With thinner skulls, smaller heads and more conductive tissue, children are known to be more vulnerable to the pulsed radiation that mobiles emit.

MobileWise is a charity increasing public awareness of potential risks to children from using mobiles and the measures that can protect them. We are getting the facts out – into schools and homes – and promoting simple practical measures that can dramatically cut children’s radiation exposure.

MobileWise wants every child in the UK to be educated about the potential dangers of mobile phones and how to cut the risks, just as they are about road safety.

It took about 40 years for initial evidence of tobacco dangers to be acted upon by governments, 70 years for x-rays, and 100 years for asbestos. We are still picking up the pieces from those public health failures.

MobileWise is speaking up for the interests of children to ensure mobile phones don’t become the next public health disaster.

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